The Hugayet Group has built a very solid foundation by investing significant time, money, effort and focus in developing a very strong base. Each division under the corporate umbrella aims to bring together the best people, the best technology and depth of experience with an overall goal of meeting our clients' needs in a timely, professional and cost effective way. The largest and most important investment of the Al Hugayet Group, however, has been in trading and contracting. The continued growth and success of our Group's activities in the fast changing environment is a result of the commitment of all our employees; the high level of professionalism in meeting our customers needs; our orientation towards achieving profitable operations and a strong financial base Across the Al Hugayet Group, its entire people do all they can to draw out and celebrate the unique gifts and talents of every single team member. Our people are the ones that take the time to understand the needs of our clients.  The skills and experience of our people is a key ingredient in our ability to select the small number of the most appropriate talent for our clients to consider.  The dedication of our people is the key to our unprecedented speed of delivery. Through our detailed understanding of client needs and competency requirements we are able to go beyond merely matching client specifications to skills sets, to matching the client opportunity to the right type. Al Hugayet Group has always performed with integrity and values, and we express those values according to the circumstances of the times. More than just a set of words, these values embody the spirit of the group at its best. They reflect the energy and spirit of the company that has the solid foundation to lead change as business evolves. These values are a call to action that asks every employee of our group to recommit to a common set of beliefs about how we work in our world today.