Al Hugayet was established in 1978 with a very humble beginning of what has proven to be a great success story, as the Company continues to grow from strength to strength.

We like to believe that one of the major causes for this success is the efficient and professional performance of the management.  The management firmly believes in the doctrine that it is the people (employees) that make the company.

Accordingly the company is guided by the strong and active leadership of the owner Mr. Abdulhadi Hamad Al-Zoebi, who is ably supported by a dedicated team of managers from quite diverse backgrounds and nationalities all of whom have worked hard and unselfishly towards blending themselves into a unified team to achieve the common goals of the company.

From this platform of this fully committed team of professionals we have been able to pass milestone after milestone in term of successfully completing every single project or assignment that has come our way over the years.  We have maintained an absolutely clean slate and have never defaulted on any contract; be it small or large irrespective of the fact that we are pioneering in new fields involving high technology or were simply executing simple routines.

This fact is applicable to all our areas of operations, from the supply of high technology products to first time user through our Trading Division, to the replacement of obsolete conventional panel instruments by sophisticated state-of-the-art distributed control system in the control of complex petrochemical process; to the efficient and timely execution of construction projects with stringent schedules and to the provisions of maintenance support to the entire spectrum of Industry in the Kingdom. Our achievements are evidenced by the long list of satisfied customers from all the various organizations we have associated with.  We have attached a list of persons along with their contact telephones for your references and would like to request you to confirm our credentials with any or all of these. In view of our rich experience in the past, we are emboldened to state that our management comprises of a team of professionals of the highest caliber, capable of handling any contingency related to our areas of operations to the total and complete satisfaction of the client.