To be successful in manpower supply, it is necessary to deploy qualified and experienced personnel and Al Hugayet has proved its capacity to depute qualified personnel. With many long-term service contracts and supply agreements with Saudi Aramco and with the other Oil companies operating in the neutral zone, Al-Hugayet remains as one of the well-known establishment in this industry Al Hugayet has a working Human Resource Group to ensure that its clients receives the best output as early as possible. We maintain direct contact with our clients. These interactions provide the opportunity to establish and strengthen the relationships . Our placement office provides job resources for the people who seek permanent and satisfactory employment, compatible to their skills. We provide  the resources, contacts and information to help them determine their career strategy that suits individual interests, background and goals. While jobseeker is ultimately responsible for securing his own job, the help we provide surely makes him more prepared than others. Though the fluctuations in the job market influence the mix of companies that would recruit people, we always try our best to help our user to secure the job that fits best to his skills and our client companies to get valuable human resourceAl Hugayet's commitment to Saudization has been further strengthened by setting up a dedicated division in order to provide career development opportunities for talented and enthusiastic Saudi Nationals. The Division  plays a critical part in our quest to provide resources oriented professional manpower services to all our clients. The Division is dedicated to recruiting, retaining and developing fully skilled professionals in Engineering, Administrative, Technical services and other vocational and academic disciplines to fulfill our client requirements.

The basic functions:
  • Maintaining and monitoring the Resume Databank
  • Receiving all the manpower requisitions from our clients.
  • A probable list of applicants is prepared according to the client requirements from our Resume Databank.
  • Final Review is done by the Resume Reviewer and he will select the best resumes suitable from the probable list.
  • The applicant is called up and given a description about the opening and makes sure whether the candidate meets our client’s specifications.
  • Preparation of all the necessary documents that has to be submitted for the client requirement.
  • Resume submission and follow up.
  • Sourcing and identifying talented individuals with superior track records.